Intermittent "unable to connect" using remote desktop connection on XP2 pro

By mack ·
Error message:
The client could not connect. You are already connected to the console of this computer. A new console session cannot be established.
Home PC running XP Pro2
Laptop running XP Pro2

I've been unable to find a solution anywhere on the net for this problem. In most examplies I have found, the problem is persistent and has to do with license issues or any of several other permanent type set up problems. Mine is intermittent and when it happens, even shutting down my laptop and the PC and leaving them down for a few minutes does not correct the problem. The next day, or sometimes later the same day, everything returns to normal. It seems to me there should be some way of making both computers realize they are no longer connected. On some occasions, I feel fairly certain that the problem was caused by an unorderly shutdown. In this current case, my UPC went down and I was not in the house and I did not hear my alarm until everything was down....


Surely there's a registry entry or a file somewhere that can be modified to wake these guys up to the fact that they are no longer connected.... right? Any help would be appreciated.


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Change the RDP Port

by jswentworth In reply to Intermittent "unable to c ...

Follow the instructions here and change the port to something else and try it. It may solve your issue, though normally when that is the fix the issue is permanent, not intermittent.

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Thanks js!

by mack In reply to Change the RDP Port

Thanks for the reply! As you might guess everything is back to normal this morning so I'm gonna wait until the next time the problem occurs to attempt the port change. I'll post with my results when that happens. (and I'm sure it will!)

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