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Intermittent Win98 Network Connectivity

By maggyver ·
There's one 98SE system in our network which sporadically loses its ability
to connect, and after running through some standard testing/troubleshooting,
I'm still not coming up with anything less drastic than "corrupted 98
installation, time to reinstall". Perhaps someone here can shed some light
on this before I have to go skipping down the Reinstall path?

Network architecture is as follows: Linksys BEFSR81 router doing DHCP duty,
20 users max, only have 12 users max in office. Problemsystem is connected
to router by wall panel Ethernet port. We've had our network repair guy
check out the port (OK), I've replaced the crossover Ethernet cable with a
known good one, and have replaced the PCI Ethernet adapter with a known good

This system used to connect previously. The only software addition which has
been made is the Palm Desktop & HotSync software for the user's PDA. I
checked the support pages at but did not see any issues relating to
my problem. Theuser is also describing a 5-second delay when he's typing into a
document - be it email, Word doc, etc. (This is why I wonder about Windows

There are times when the Ethernet adapter's external LEDs will not light
(obviously corresponding to disconnectivity) and other times when it will.
Usually the user cannot connect from the moment he turns it on first thing
in the morning, but later in the day it might decide to reconnect. (Very

I've been immersed in XP troubleshooting for some time now, so I'm a bit
rusty on my Win98 idiosyncracies, and can't recall if there is a known issue
I'm encountering. Anyone have an idea what's happened?

Many thanks in advance

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Intermittent Win98 Network Connectivity

by an_it_guy In reply to Intermittent Win98 Networ ...

Though less helpful, check if DNS entries are made correctly on the problem PC. If not, you can even use the host file to make this pc reach your DNS server.
If possible, try to shift your network adapter to another slot within the PC.
See if thishelps.

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