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Internal Domain cannot access External

By mhurst ·
We have our internal Active Directory Domain and DNS server for internal communications. We have just bought some Web Hosting and tossed up our website. External users can access the site, but here inside our domain, we can not access it.

Since we host our internal DNS we get the 404 error, anyone know how I can fix this so we can access our hosted site?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Internal Domain cannot ac ...

On the properties of the internal DNS you need to add to 'Forward' properties, the IP addresses of your ISP's DNS servers so external sites can also be resolved and accessed.

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Add a new host

by ishtml In reply to Internal Domain cannot ac ...

This seem to old question!

I think u used the local domain name as you website as well. e.g instead of abc.local.

Now you need to add a new host on the forward lookup zone. add the IP address of the website.

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i think you need a forwarder..

by sgt_shultz In reply to Internal Domain cannot ac ...

i think you just need a forwarder. your dns probably thinks the request should be dns resolvable 'inside' and you need to send it 'outside' for resolution. i am crispy so refer to others or mskb for exact instructions. hope you tossed up some security with that webserver. i am still winning my battle to keep ours out of the building...

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public vs private

by CG IT In reply to i think you need a forwar ...

the domain registrar that you obtained your domain name from has name servers which resolve the domain name to your public IP address. Those name server are called authoritative name servers for your domain name. That's the .com/net/org/ public domain names.

If your private network domain name is also .com/net/org forwarders will not work.

your DNS server will try to resolve the request and display the page can't not be displayed error because it will not forward the query to internet name servers for resolution, therefore send the browser request to the web server on your public address.

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