Internal Error 2602 when packing applications in Wise Package Studio

By jbbarnett19 ·

I am trying to package several install applications into MSI files so that we can publish them in AD. We have Wise Package Studio Standard v I know that the version we have is really out of date, but it is what I have been given and I'm not sure that we have the $$ to upgrade right now.

I have set up a clean copy of Win XP SP3 on a VMware VM. The only application installed on this VM is the Wise Studio. From there, we decided to test a couple of easy applications for packaging. The two we chose are Firefox and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. My process was as follows:

1. Set up VM with XP SP3.
2. Install Wise Studio.
3. Run the Setup Capture Configuration in the Wise Studio.
4. Power down VM and create a snapshot "Capture ready"
5. Power on VM and copy the program installer (.exe) to "C:\Temp" which I create at this time.
6. Run Wise Studio and start the Setup Capture for Windows installer. This takes the before image, executes the installer, and grabs the changes in the after image.
7. I then open the Windows Installer Editor and compile the project and save it as a .msi file.
8. Upon testing, I get an error in the installion from the .msi saying "Internal Error 2602. File, fileexample.123" where the filename can be anything from a .lng, to a .dll, to virtually anything.

In my troubleshooting, I have found that this error replicates for both .exe's. I have found a partial solution. If I explore for that file in the 'Files' section of the Editor, I can remove the file from the package, recompile, save, re-add the file, recompile, and save again. The next test will come up with a different filename. I have applied this sequence of steps five files deep, and then I choose to stop as this is not a feasible solution.

Has anyone else encountered this error? Have you worked out a modification to the Setup Capture that makes this work? Also, are there any good online resources for packaging with Wise Studio?

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