internal hard disk(IDE ) is not read by laptop using IDE/USB cable

By ravikant.narayan ·
In disk management it is not showing any new drive

EVEN in drives(my computer) it is not showing additional drive......
But it is reading additional hardware it...don't know why.....
Please help me out if possible....
Laoptop confi
HP core duo processor
windows XP
Desktop Hard disk(IDE) is western digital.

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Is this drive inside a caddy or have you gone commando?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to internal hard disk(IDE ) ...

If it is inside a caddy, take it back out and reseat the connector. Try it again.

Also, if you are using a caddy, I have found using ANY form of usb extension will result in failure - the length of usb cable matters.

If it is the commando style with the little open cable, again check the seating of the connector at the drive end.

If the drive is uncovered make sure it is sitting on clean white paper to avoid any possibility of contact with an earthing surface.

I assume YOU ARE connecting this device AFTER powering up?

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An afterthought ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to internal hard disk(IDE ) ...

If you are using an IDE/USB cable, and as a consequence the HDD is exposed (ie NOT inside a caddy) it IS possible that you have connected the cable upside-down.

Believe me - it's possible!

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What type of IDE drive is this?

by OH Smeg In reply to internal hard disk(IDE ) ...

If it's a 3.5 Inch Drive you need to set the jumper to Master.

If it's a 2.5 inch NB Drive you need to remove the jumper from the HDD.

You also need to make sure that you are plugging in the adapter the right way.

If you follow the above the drive will work provided that the HDD is actually working. If you are not using a USB Caddy you need to sit the drive on some Clean White Paper to prevent Damage before plugging in the USB Lead. Also only plug in the USB Lead after the computer is running with your OS Open.

If this is a New HDD you need to look in the Device Manager under Drive Management and right click on the new Drive there and chose the Format Option. Depending on the OS being used you may be asked do you want to prepare the drive for formatting if you are asked this say YES.


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Some thoughts

by zlitocook In reply to internal hard disk(IDE ) ...

Have you tried connecting this drive to another computer/laptop? If so did it work then or not? Have you tried other USB devices like thumb drives or printers on this laptop?
Check your device manager to be sure your USB controllers have no problem. Is this device connected to a hub or a direct connect?
Let us know, thanks

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