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By The Young One ·
Hi everyone,
I was messing about on Microsofts site the other day, and came across the Exchange Version for Windows Messenger...

I am very keen to get this up and running but before I go and invest hours and days and $$$ in panadol, I'd like to hear others experiences with Internal Instant Messaging Systems.

How hard are they to set up? Does it work OK under Terminal Services (so if the boss was away she could chat with the other high flyers etc)...Is there heaps of those legal issues tocontend with that we seem to spend more time covering our butts for than doing our job (sorry, cynical me)...

Is it also possible to share your IM system with other organisations, ie. Partner Companies etc so that everyone can share ideas etc?Cheers, and thanks for all the feedback lately, it's been a tremendous help so far and great to learn off each other.

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User's Standpoint

by JIM-H In reply to Internal IM

My company has been running the MSN Messenger Exchange option for almost a year. Unfortunately I am not the Server Engineer that set it up so I am unable to comment on the ease of installing, configuring, or administering.

The thing that I do like about using this IM tools is that it keeps our chatting to a common standard. We have a *.ctt file that holds all of the company contacts. As a new user, or existing user, you simply import this list and then you have everyone added. (...but you could do this in other tools too like ICQ for example)

Recently we decided to setup an ICR Server for internal use and this is becoming the preferred method for communication. As everyone is in a ?company? chat room instead topics can get around toindividuals across the regions much easier than an individual IM conversation or having to create a chat room for every topic. Besides, you can still have a one-on-one conversation in IRC. Also, is available to everyone?s OS needs and not just Microsoft users.

more below?.

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User's Standpoint (continue...)

by JIM-H In reply to User's Standpoint

As it is nice to have I have experienced more problems with it than I would like to have to deal with. Here is a list of complaints that I have heard or had myself:

1) You need the special MSN Messenger Client to use this. If you try a multi-im tool such as Trillion or the latest and greatest MSN Messenger things do not always work right. So people that use it for personal as well are stuck with whatever flavor supports Exchange Accounts.
2) It seems to be VERY bandwidth intensive at start-up. If you have a large list of contacts and try to sign on remotely from dial-up you will commonly get some high network latency as the contacts are added. In my experience this sometimes kills my VPN connection and simply do not run it then until I am back on high speed internet.
3) Often it will "fake" online status. I have been in the middle of chatting with someone, or thought I was; where they reboot, go offline, or whatever. Messenger will not indicate the user is not there for sometime. It is nice to have offline sending capabilities which MSN Messenger does not.
4) Does not support groups for Exchange contacts. I generally like to create groups as my list is very long and with MSN Messenger you are limited with the Exchange Account.
5) We have had many people that could not import the *.ctt file for some reason. After looking at it for days on and off the problem simply went away for me. I still know others that can?t import the file and there are no errors associated with why. We click the File>Import option and it just does nothing. This went away for one person after reinstalling WIN2K all together. Not my idea of a fun time just to import a contact list.

I hope it helps and Good luck!

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