Internal modem not detected

By dear2world ·
I installed a deployment of WindowsXP SP3 that was customized by nLite v1.0 RC3 -
Among other components, the that were removed
(Briefcase,Internet Games,Display Adapters,Ethernet(LAN),ISDN,Printers,Scanners,Sony Jog Dial
Sound Controllers,Wireless Ethernet WLAN,Music Samples,Speech Support,MSN Explorer,Outlook Express,Windows Messenger,Framework,Tour,Languages) I cannot install modem. I have a modem driver that worked with the old regular WindowsXP that I had,and when I try to install it, my Windows crashes, as a result of Not Approwed certificate?

Can someone give me a hint what to do?


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Sounds like a corrupt install to me.

by fungus-among-us In reply to Internal modem not detect ...

I recently had a client who upgraded his videocard in his system. Before installing the videocard, I noticed some flaky behaviour with his Windows install (no network connection notification in his systray, could not see the status of his network connection, control panel was very very slow to open). I ran the usual spyware detectors and anti-virus programs (in normal and safe modes) and found nothing. I suggested he save his data and re-install Windows from scratch. He didn't want to spend the time nor money (my time) re-installing Windows. We uninstalled the ATI drivers for his old videocard before shutting the computer down. We installed the card and Windows came up asking for a driver for his properly detected card. We provided the appropriate driver from the CD, and windows gave us a warning about not being a "certified" driver. We OK'd it and the screen went black and rebooted. It then started the endless reboot cycle. I was able to rescue his data and we reformatted his system and installed Windows from scratch. This time when it asked for the videodriver, it installed without issue even though it gave us the same warning about not being certified.

I'd say, your install of a customized (SP3) version of Windows is the culprit. Might want to check with the SOURCE and see if they have a workaround for this.... otherwise, use a "standard" version of Windows and manually lock it down yourself.

Good Luck

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Service Pack 3?

by TheChas In reply to Internal modem not detect ...

Since MS has yet to release a Service Pack 3 for XP, and your image has some network drivers specifically removed, I suspect that the problem is with your custom image.

Windows treats a modem as a network device. I suspect that one of the network components that you are not installing is actually required to run the modem.


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