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Internal Modems

By elwin9 ·
100% of customers that come through my door with modem problems, all have internal modems. I've been operating since 2000 and not one modem problem has been external in this time, I'm sure they do fail. Can someone tell me for example why does any internal modem produce a connection problem when it passes Diagnostics from within the OS? Is it just straight hardware failure that diagnostics don?t check? Is there such a program or a procedure that can check these problems that is better than the OS diagnostics which clearly could do a better job?

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by TheChas In reply to Internal Modems

You have several factors involved here.

First, internal modems account for well over 90 percent of all installed modems.

Internal modems used for OEM and many aftermarket brands are price point items. That means that they are built as cheaply as possible.
At the higher cost, external modems tend to be built with higher quality parts.

The average user who installs an external modem is usually capable of replacing the modem themselves.

When an internal modem fails it often damages or disables other parts inside the PC.
This seldom happens when an external modem fails.

As far as diagnostic software, there are a number of good diagnostic tools out there.
To properly check the modem, the best software requires the use of loop-back plugs. Something that the average user would not be willing / able to do. So, the system diagnostics do not include that function.


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by elwin9 In reply to Internal Modems

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