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By jonhunt2 ·
Hello all:

I have a client who is quite concerned about security from internal employees. He wants to make sure that employees are not sending proprietary information to friends, or competitors. What's the best way to guard against this?? Are there any tools that track and alert to abnormal usage inside the network?? He also would like to guard against inappropriate web surfing as a secondary issue.

Thanks for your input/advise,

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by BFilmFan In reply to Internal Security

Email Archival Systems from KVS:

Then he can track every piece of mail in and out of the system.

Intrusion detection systems can show what activities are happening on the network.

Proper securing of the network resources on a need-to-know basis will also help.

A proxy server will also guard against reckless surfing.

I would recommend that you have a security audit performed with a written report with recommendations.

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by Ken G. In reply to Internal Security

Try Spector Pro 5.0; great product, I use it on my network and my users are usually bewildered by how the information is derived:

And as our esteemed Mr. BFilmFan stated; make sure that you implement an audit on a regular basis. Btw, Spector will email all activity, or activity that you define, to the email address of your choice.

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by Kryptos In reply to Internal Security

You probably need multiple solutions.

Imformation can be send or copied via e-mail, http, ftp, webmail, Instant Messangers, USB storage sticks, CD, floppy etc..

You could use Spam filters for e-mail(ISS Proventia mail filter one of products which can do it)

HTTP, FTP, Webmail will be tricky ... could your url filters still probably have to entirely block such services.

Well ISS IPS has an interesting feature whihc can allow Instant messanger like yahoo MSN but block any file transfer through it.

Your Group policies to block USB storage on the network and restricket floppy and CDwritter access.

I don't thick there will be any one single product to address all these issues...


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by wlbowers In reply to Internal Security

A popular method is called keylogger. Legitimately used by business it is a valuable tool.


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Block unwanted sites and ads

by susanal In reply to Internal Security

Maybe the most important in internet security is how we use it. The best idea to block unwanted sites and porn sites is to install a web filter on the computer.

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