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    Internal tv tuner card


    by spideyboy_h ·

    i am having problem with my tv tuner card
    i have attached all cables as shown in the catalogue but when recording live tv it records but there is no sound
    please do help me

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      by spideyboy_h ·

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      You have either missed a cable or have it plugged in wrong

      by hal 9000 ·

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      Every TV Tuner Card has a Jumper lead that passes the Audio Out to the Line In Socket on any Sound Card so you need to make sure that you have connected this Lead from the Audio Out on the Tuner Card to the Line In on the Sound Card and then set the Line In to an acceptable level so that you can record.

      If you can not see the Line In on the sound slides you need to open the Control Panel select Sound & Audio Devices then Advanced then Options Proprieties and tick the box of the Line In and apply the change you can then set the Audio Line In Level and make sure that it’s not muted and you will have Audio.


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