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By bluesnake ·
The company I work for recently announced a couple of vacant posts to all employees prior to publishing the posts to the public. Like other ads anyone interested and possesses the right qualifications could apply.

As this is the first time in my career I'll be dealing with internal vacancies vs posts with another companies, could anyone point out please any hints, suggests, do and dont's and other ways and means to be prepared (and possibly successful) for this scenario?eg.

-How to deal with salary?
-How to deal with current manager?
-How to deal with existing team mates?
-Changes/enhancements to CV
-What if one won't get the job?


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What advancement or benefit does this provide for you.

by 1bn0 In reply to Internal vacancies

You will be asked why you want to change jobs. You need to be able to explain what benefit you see for yourself and for the company.

They will want to now that you see the change as a step forward and upward and not just an escape from your current position becasue if problems with your current duties, supervisor or fellow employees.

If these are the issue they will ask why you did not bring it to their attention before now.

The benefit for the company is really asking why should we bother moving you qand replacing you instead of just hiring someone else and leaving you where your , since we (the company) are happy with your work where you are now?

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