Internal Windows Live Messenger?

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We are a 100 user business on an internal network and I want to videoconference 2 laptops on it. Hardware wise is fine and I now which webcams to purchase.

From a software side I don't want to use Skype or any P2P solutions that go out over the internet.

Instead I want to video conference from one internal IP address to another utilising our internal network speeds and staying secure.

Is Windows Live Messenger the tool for the job? I know you can do it with Netmeeting but that product is a bit long in the tooth now!

With Live Messenger can I disable any logins so when a user just logs into the domain on the laptop and runs Messenger they can point it at the other ip address internally and start a call?

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food for thought

by brian In reply to Internal Windows Live Mes ...

Though i do not know much about windows live messenger, you could take a look into using openfire and spark (both are open source and offer the ability to download the source code and customize). Openfire is the instant messaging server and spark is the chat client. There are many features that you can either build into these systems and control. I have been using it in my office for appx 1 year and love it. I am unsure if it will allow video conferencing, but take a look at it if you would like...the awesome thing about it is that you can record all chat conversations to the server, allowing you to go back and view the history of anything typed through the system. Also, you can set this server and chat client up so you control everything from the logins to the chat client "buddy list". if you are good with programming in Java, this is an excellent chat software, but as i said, unsure if it has the ability to do video.

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Windows Live is the same.

by seanferd In reply to Internal Windows Live Mes ...

Unless you have Live Communication server or Exchange IM server (and pay for licenses for all the seats) it pretty much requires the internet.

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