Internal wiring of hdd to usb cables

By George1453 ·
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Searching in the internet, I have found many adapter cables used to connect an ide hard drive with a usb port.
However, I can find nowhere the internal wiring of such cables. Anyone help?

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Complex converter

by mjd420nova In reply to Internal wiring of hdd to ...

There are many cables, but the interface USB is a newer development than IDE. USB ports are limited in the current they supply so trying to run a hard drive from the port will damage the ports semiconductors. I use an external drive bay with its own power source and a USB to the enclosure which also has a drive controller and interface converter. Handy for diagnostics and recovery of drives from other failed units.

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External drive enclosure

by mjd420nova In reply to Internal wiring of hdd to ...

I use an external enclosure for extracting data from hard drives out of failed systems. IDE, PATA and SATA are supported. The unit is powered by its own adapter so no power comes from the USB port which can damage it.

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Wiring concept

by Neal McDonald In reply to Internal wiring of hdd to ...

Wiring needs to be done in a proper way, else it can lead to other issues. Which will be much more difficult to be handled.

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Active Circuits

by TheChas In reply to Internal wiring of hdd to ...

There is not a "common" or direct wiring for IDE or SATA to USB adapters.

All of these adapter cables require active circuitry between the hard drive and the USB interface. The block on the IDE end of the cable includes the active circuits inside it. Some chips are commercial interface chips. Others are custom circuits made for the cable manufacture.

In the case of IDE to USB in particular, you need to convert the parallel data from the IDE interface to serial data to match the USB protocol.

The chip in the cable also takes care of the control signals and addressing required for the drive to access the data.


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