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By theropissed ·
Well i use sprint, and my girlfriend uses o2. We're seperated. Now she can send me text. And ill receive them, but when i send a text she doesn't receive them. However i get no error and neither does she.

I've done every combination of her number i can think of. With the county code, with one, with the other, with both, just her number.

Nothing. Any idea whats wrong?

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Well unless you mean 'oxygen molecules' I don't even know what o2 is.

by Absolutely In reply to International Texting

But somebody else might, if you explain
your problem in more detail.

Where are you? Where is she?

Come to think of it, why don't you just
send email?

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O2 is a British Cellphone company.....

by theropissed In reply to Well unless you mean 'oxy ...

And i have sent emails, and i've called countless times. They don't have an answer. Mind you i have explained the problem as far as i know.

I will send a text. It will say sent. She will not get it.

She can send me a text. I will get it.

Pretty much i can get her text messages, but she cant receive mine. Even though i can call her and everything.

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I really don't know

by Absolutely In reply to O2 is a British Cellphone ...

And unless somebody here works for one of
those companies they probably won't know
either. You and your girlfriend should
both call your phone companies' support
numbers because the problem could really be
with either company. It sounds stupid to
say that it might be her company, but i's
possible that your messages are actually
being "sent" but her company isn't
delivering the messages once they
leave your network and get to hers.

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International Bolt on

by gadgetgirl In reply to O2 is a British Cellphone ...

Does she have that? I found that once I'd signed up for that - one off ?4.99 - not only could I call international, but the texts were damn near guaranteed to get sent and received.

The other thing is - what banding is her phone? I know some dual bands don't accept international texts for no apparent reason (reason for my upgrade......!)

I'm on a triband, with o2, and have both the European and International Bolt ons. I've just been all around the Med, and didn't have any problems with texts at all.

(Mind you, calls on the Maritime satellite were an entirely different matter......!)

If you document everything so far, and send it to customer support at the o2 website, if they can't help, they'll pass it through to 2nd line and so on. They *do* try to help, and have been invaluable in helping with mobiles for deaf parents - mine!


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