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By nash_nz ·
hi when i connect to the internet, the internet connection show that it is sending more bytes then it receives. even if i download some file form the internet.. do you know what i should do.,

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Is this a home connection?

by zlitocook In reply to internet

Or a work connection, how do you connect to the internet? Do you dial up or is it a fast connection like DSL or other? What is your operating system, Windows (98,XPhome or Pro, Linux ect). What are you using to look at the internet connection, a right click on the network icon or a program that lets you see whats going on with your connection?

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Log the traffic

by house In reply to internet

Temporarily put up a software firewall to log the outgoing traffic. I suppose if this is XP, you can use the plain text logging that is provided with sp2's Windows Firewall.

* Please note that this plain text logging can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. It's like one of those "magic eye" pictures. I swear that I saw something moving in there.

You should also try a Spyware removal tool. Acknowledgements are sent out when you are downloading, but not to that extent.

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