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By kpritch ·
I have a question for any who can answer. I live in Louisiana North of New Orleans. I have recently puchaced a mobile home and put it on some land that I already owned.

Here is the situation: I have tried to get internet access and have gotten the brick wall all the way around. Local and only cable company has told me that I am 100ft to far away from their nearest split and therefor could not get cable tv or cable broadband internet, first brick wall. Local and only telephone company has my phone service, but told me I was not able to get there DSL, the second brick wall. Satallite internet is only offered by HughesNet out here and is very expensive. Dial-up is out of the question for my needs.

My question is my in-laws have Cable broadband internet, and are about a hundred yards away with only 3 or 4 trees in the way. The rest is clear fields. Is there anyway that I could get their internet to my house be it over the air or some possible wired route. I did not think you could run Cat5e very far without having to boost the signal.

Any replies are deeply appreciated.

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you could

by Dr Dij In reply to Internet Access

probably find some amplifiers or repeaters.
might user wireless but I'm betting you'd get less expensive, more reliable speed if you ran cable like you said (till a squirrel, possum, raccoon, muskrat or nutria knaws thru the wire ? :) This happens, squirrel setup a nest in my Mom's car in her driveway, while they were away on vacation. nawed thru the ignition wires.

You could try getting that amount of cable, hooking it up coiled and seeing if it works.
then string it, maybe inside some cheap 1/2" pvc pipe to help keep the elements and varmints out.

glue the joints I use this stuff in my garden, is dirt cheap. underground cable companies and undersea cable companies wrap them in multiple layers for strength, water resistance and abrasion resistance.

Do whatever you feel would help, more will increase cost but increase the life of the cable.

put a cable router on their broadband connection ($35) if you don't already have one. you SHOULD have one as it keeps people from pinging your computers, so reduces spyware infections. it acts like both a hub and keeps their traffic going straight to the cable box, not over the line to your place. (you can still share drives if you need to by configuring it, usually via your web browser) and the cable router tells you much quicker if hte cable modem is working. You see the connect light, instead of having to reboot your PC.

put an occasional short u-bend like gas pipes going over bridges use, to relieve strain if roots shift your pipe, etc. and maybe bury it a couple inches deep. If you want to get elaborate, rent a ditch-witch to dig a small ditech for you, like a rototiller. might string some steel wire with it to keep cable from breaking if something pulls on it. probably has some kind of ethernet repeater. as would many other online or local electronics stores. Straight consumer tv type stores probably wouldn't.

Hope this doesn't sound too elaborate.

there are probably other options like a direct wireless link. I think IR or visible links point to point could be setup easily but could knock out of alignment by a cat or something or rain, branch in the way. We had a biz where 2nd office was opened a block away, and we setup microwave link. Had to get frequency search ok from mil due to possible interference.

Good luck and good surfing!

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by Spectre65 In reply to Internet Access

You don't want to chance hooking up to your in-laws, as it's illegal, and if they catch you, and they will, you will pay huge fines, and you and your in-laws could be banned from cable service with that company.

Second, who is the cable provider? Charter, most likely?

If you go the illegal route, you will want to use CAT5E at the very least, you will want to run it through PVC, and you will want to make sure you have a good router, such as a Linksys product.

Call them, and ask them to have a tech come out. If you are only 100 feet away, the tech will most likely install a repeater for you, and hook you up.

But I would definitely call the cable company back before going with this option, as you can get in trouble, and if they catch you, you are going to get boned.

Just make sure you get a tech sent out, and not talk to the 800 number folks, as they haven't really got a clue.

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Lots of approaches and solutions

by mjd420nova In reply to Internet Access

If you wish to remain with the ethernet connection then there are repeaters available. Have the account on the cable provider to add you on the email accounts. There are excellent microwave and Infrared links available. Even celluar wireless broadbands are available. If the cable is used, protection from rodent and weather effects will be essential. PVC piping or armored cable with good weather sealing on all terminations will give good service. Above all - - No splices, none, nada, zip. You're asking for trouble and you'll have to replace it. Splices are for emergency repair. Buy good wire too, don't scrimp. Look at the spool for the wire, sometimes they are marked with the number of splices. Good luck.

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