Internet Access disabled

By suresh_prk ·
I am running Win-XP Prof SP2 and am getting co nnected to Internet using the 512 Mbps broadband connection. I have installed Norton as well as Twister Anti Virus(for Trojans).

Recently twister showed me some DLL files to be infected with trojans and said that it cannot be cleaned. It requested whether the same can be deleted ? In a hurry, I selected the delete option.

From then on whenever I am trying to connect to Internet, it is not getting connected. Neither the updates for the antivirus can be downloaded.

Can somebody help me to sort out this problem ?

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What you mean not connected to the internet

by mamies In reply to Internet Access disabled

When you say that you are not connected to the internet, do you mean that your web browser is not working or their is no network action that is happening

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There is no network action

by suresh_prk In reply to What you mean not connect ...

There is no network action. I have confirmed with the ISP, and according to them the broadband line is okay. As I had earlier mentioned, even the antivirus updates are not working and in between the browser is displaying the message something like Do you waznt to continue Offline ? If I select the online option eventhen it is not getting connected

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This is more than likely a result...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Internet Access disabled

of those missing .dll files. You will need to repair WinXP.

Check this link:

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Running 2 antivirus packages together is unadvisable ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Internet Access disabled

Since each can (and do tend to) identify the other as a virus.

In some cases an antivirus program can substitute a system DLL with one of its own, to combine forces with the Operating System. If your other antivirus program has identified THESE DLLs as potential viruses then you have disabled both your antivirus program and your operating system.

Follow Boxfiddler's advice and attempt a Repair Install.

When you are back up and running again, you should dump one of the antivirus packages, my money would be on dumping Norton.

Whenever an antivirus program identifies any file as a 'potential' virus and has difficulty removing it - you should ALWAYS type the details of the file into Google and read what other users have found out about it. It may prevent you from making the same mistake in the future. :)

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