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Internet access from across the globe, do you do it?

By jdclyde ·
Recently (two weeks ago) I posted a discussion asking about internet access and wifi in Europe because at the very last minute I found out some people at the very top of the food chain were going there for business and wanted to get their email.

We have our laptops setup to establish a VPN connection, and then they launch their Lotus Notes client and it works the same as if they are in their offices.

Problem, latency. They could usually establish the VPN, but in places like the UK they would get a time out error, or server not responding error. Worked just fine in the Czech Republic though.

There are other modes for the Notes that are less bandwidth intensive that we will be checking into for the next trip, probably in April.

I was wondering if people "across the pond" have issues with timing out.

For example, when I ping the average time is about 90ms for me, with 11 hops. This is done at 10:30 EST (GMT -5).

I am also hoping to join Shell in a European WoW server at the start of next month and wonder what to expect from the distance of the servers. (good thing I just upgraded to 3mb cable modem!)

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ping TR

by Shellbot In reply to Internet access from acro ...

tried, timed out.

well..we'll give it a go anyways JD..if i could I'd join you on a US server, but they won't let me

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I pinged TR

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to ping TR

from the UK 186ms. So that is about double.

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got to make sure

by jdclyde In reply to ping TR

that you don't add the http:// when you do the ping.

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by Shellbot In reply to got to make sure

i know that JD..

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and how would I know that you know?

by jdclyde In reply to grrrr

"assume nothing".

Did you try to ping the IP?

The other thing to check is if your network guys have that protocol blocked? Have you tried from home?

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i'm female..

by Shellbot In reply to and how would I know that ...

hence i know everything :)

didn't try the IP, but yer probably right..yes..i'll repeat that..yer probably right about the network guys

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Of course

by jdclyde In reply to i'm female..

I am "probably" right!

And you KNOW how those networking guys get! B-) Can't have anything taking up their nudie downloading bandwidth!

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oh yes

by Shellbot In reply to Of course

i forgot..your one of those "networking guy" types aren't ya sweetie...


so are you admitting to downloading nudies then?

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I plead the fifth

by jdclyde In reply to Of course

Fifth of vodka, Fifth of Bacardi, Fifth of glenfiddich ........

Never admit to anything.
Never write anything down.
No pictures.
No video.
No emails.
deny deny deny......

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by Shellbot In reply to ping TR

ping is still timing out...

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