Internet Access Problems on Windows SBS 2003

By aawilliams ·
Hello everyone!

I?m trying to help with an ongoing issue. This small business that I occasionally assist with their network issues is having trouble getting web pages to display. They are using IE 7 and when you try to go to any website it gives a ?This address is not valid.? error message with this (http:///) in the address bar. The background I got was that yesterday morning it was working fine until the owner did a server shutdown/restart after SpyBot did an update. They?ve not been able to get on the internet since. The server has two NICs ? one configured to get an external IP from the ISP?s DCHP Server and the other has an internal network address and is the DCHP Server for the internal users. The owner had the ISP folks in here because they were getting no internet connectivity at all. After much work we are now able to ping any website from a command prompt but we cannot open any web pages whatsoever (we get the error message mentioned above). We are also unable to access Windows Firewall ? get ?Windows Firewall cannot run because another program or service is running that might use the network translation component (Ipnat.sys).? Here?s the IP info:

Internal NIC (LAN):
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
Primary WINS Server

External NIC (WAN):
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
DNS Server:
NetBIOS over TCP/IP Disabled

I?m a little frustrated at this point. Having already taken a day off from my regular job to work on this, I?d really rather not have to take another day on this is at all possible, so any help from the community would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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I'll give you a link and you can read ....

by CG IT In reply to Internet Access Problems ...

over on the left you'll see a link for common networking issues after applying SP2. click it.

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re: I'll give you a link and you can read ....

by aawilliams In reply to I'll give you a link and ...

CG IT, thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, this system has not been updated to SP2; it?s still running SP1. Any thought/ideas on what to try/do? Thanks!

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ISA 2004 installed?

by CG IT In reply to re: I'll give you a link ...


did you run the connect to the internet wizard in the things to do list?

if not run it.

what's with DHCP on the WAN NIC?

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