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By carlosmarin321 ·
How do I enable certain PC's to access only the websites I want them to access. and deny all others?

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by master3bs In reply to Internet allowance

Several options. Probably the quickest would be to go to your Internet Options, Click on the Privacy Tab and then click the sites button. YOu can set in here the sites that are allowed and block all others.

Obviously that can be bypassed but few users would know about it. You can also configure it in a router or with third party filtering software or a few other ways.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Internet allowance

Here is one way of locking the Internet down:

1) Remove the DNS server entries from the TCP/IP Properties.

2) Add the address and domain name of each allowed website to the hosts file C:\WinNT\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

The format of the entry is: # allowed web site

If you give the users of these PCs a login with no administrator rights, they will not be able to change the DNS settings. Use AD or just gpedit.msc on each of the computers to lock them down further .

On the other hand, if your company has a firewall appliance in place, it may have web proxy features which allow the administrator to control which sites are allowed.

If you already have a firewall with limited functionality, you can still install a proxy server inside your LAN if you happen to have an old PC available:

A couple of years ago I installed RedHat 9 with Squid - see - on an old PC as a web proxy server for 120 users at 3 sites connected by a VPN WAN. Squid comes as standard with the Fedora Core 4 server -

It is possible to allow or deny browser access by IP address or user authentication. Several user authentication methods are available, e.g. LDAP, SMB and MSNT. In other words, Squid can co-exist with your Windows servers.

Squid has flexible configuration options. You can deny access to sites like Hotmail from all users and you have full control over the filetypes users are allowed to download.

In addition to denying access to certain websites, you can also grant access to a list of selected work related websites to a group of your users.

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