internet and programs are not working same time?

By soorri ·
I have one domian server 2003 and client xp pc, My domain is IP address, default gateway, DNS ok, My client xp pc IP is, gw, DNS ok both computer are working fine with ADSL router.
My Questions is I got a DSL line for internet purpose, now i have internet modem with network cable. In my xp client pc IP when i put Automatically and put internet modem network cable. internet is working fine, but my server is not connecting or not working .........???????????? again i put xp clent ip address server is connecting but internet is not working ????????????? please give me the solutions friends


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You'd be getting a conflict with the IP's you're using....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to internet and programs ar ...

You should be using 192.X.X.X not 193.X.X.X for your internal network.

Feed the Internet modem into your ADSL should be able to control which clients you want to have Internet access through the router.

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Add domain

by soorri In reply to You'd be getting a confli ...

hi Darryl~,
if any way add my domain name to my xp computer host file ?

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You have me a little lost there...but....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Add domain

after you have your "internal" network configured to use the "192 IP"......

You should configure your DHCP server to use the gateway your DSL modem/ASDL router are using to access the Internet.

Once that is done, your DSN server should be configured to use the same gateway....providing it's configured properly, the DSN server will look after the domain name for clients....the XP clients have to "join" the domain under "My Network Places".

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New idea

by soorri In reply to You have me a little lost ...

hi Darryl~,
i am really appreciated for reply, I m sorry friend, I can't change my "193 IP because another reason. I can Understand problem is internet modem DHCP gateway, my domain gateway if any way to add internet gate way to server and client, or otherwise I can use two network cards for these network...........? pls help me

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What is the reason?

by Mehul Bhai In reply to New idea

Why you can't change the IP Address scheme from 193.x.x.x to 192.168.x.x? The 193.x.x.x scheme will clash Valid Internet IP Addresses.
The 192.168.x.x is reserved for private local area network in Class C. Other IP addresses are reserved for Class B and Class A private local area network.
For details see:

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Exactly my point

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to What is the reason?
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You should be able to just

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to internet and programs ar ...

replace all the 193's with 192's & everything should work fine.

How come you can't change from 193?

See, the problem is, those IP addressess really do exist on the Internet, as soon as your client/network becomes connected to the Internet, you instantly have a conflict with the "real" 193 IP addresses. & are IP addresses reserved for internal networks & what is should be used to preven the exact situation you are experiencing.

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how about the gateway..?

by soorri In reply to You should be able to jus ...

Hi Darry

when i change to server ip 192 168.X.X. which no i have to put default gate.

which ip i have to put client pc and which default gate way

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Default gateway

by seanferd In reply to how about the gateway..?

is the IP all the computers connect to -whichever server or router. A DNS server should then point to the router address in the forwarders..

In short, whatever used to have the IP address - find its new IP address, and that is your gateway IP.

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hi friend

by soorri In reply to Default gateway

thanks for the advice, I have done like this in server ip i put add
default gate way i put and dns after that our internet and data base both are working fine. this is ok or not

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