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internet apps crashing

By anansimann ·
My internet applications keeps crashing every few minutes for no appearent reason, but I can't find a virus or spyware. What is the problem? How can I fix it?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to internet apps crashing

Problem 1. you could be running out of memory, if your computer is on all the time, reset it, this should clear out the ram.

Problem 2. You are trying to open to many high graphic/multimedia at once (say like two). Load one site at a time and you should be sweet.

Problem 3. you don't have enogh memry, buy more memory.

Problem 4. you are running of a knopix livev cd on a low spec pc. Just install the linux distro as you OS and you should be sweet.

Problem 5. you are not using the most upto date version of your browser. Download or get a copy of the latest version fo your browser.

Problem 6. The web site you are using has molishes code in it htat crashed your browser. Use a diffrent brower i.e. opera

Problem 7. You have not given enough detail of what is happening, wait a little and buy a new windows vista computer from your local retailer on finance or get your folks to buy it for you on finacnce if you still live at home and you poor, It will be powerful enough to do anything and if you find the os incumbersome you can also use a linux distro. it's about time you did.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to

Soultion 8. Try running your spybot, adaware, and avg anti-virus in safemode, the virus could be hiding in an area not scaned in normal boot. If you are using spybot 1.4 despite what the help says and what there help desk says it does not scan for spyware when you click scan and always returns a false report, if you scan on startup you should be able to pick up any spyware. You could also try running online scans. If your brower lasts that long.

Solution 9. Install a diffrent browser.

Soultion 10. Open task manger and see witch app/process is saping all the memory or cpu resource or how see much avalible memory you got left and if you got heavy swap file usage.

Soultion 11. Get Hijackthis remove any unknown reg keys.

Soultion 12. Check your "event viewr" it could tell you a error or warning message as to why your apps are breaking.

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by anansimann In reply to internet apps crashing

I have been using winxp professional, firefox browser,and thunderbird email client. All was well until a couple weeks ago. I 1G ram,60G on the hard drive, and I am also using spybot, adaware, and avg anti-virus.

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