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By taiala ·
Is it really possible to have a dedicated bandwidth within a 512Kb Frame Relay for use by the Admin staff only? We are a University campus located in Fiji, using an FIR (512Kb) link to the server in Rockhampton, Australia. We have about 900 students - 144 student computers. Whenever the students are on the internet, the student administration aren't able to log onto their database in Rockhampton which they need to do throughout the day to update or retrieve information.

Instead of restricting the students at certain times of the day - so that the admin staff can do their work, I was wondering if there was a possibility of having just a dedicated amount of bandwidth set aside for them.

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Here's how I would do that...

by eBob In reply to Internet Bandwidth

Assuming you can split Admin and Student users in FIJI between 2 subnets, and that you have at least one Ethernet interface for each subnet, you can just use a priority queue. In CISCO IOS you can define a priority queue based on the interface through which the packets enter the router. Then just give higher priority to the Admin queue.

But this won't reserve a specific BW for the Admin. The proportion will vary.

=========== OR ===================

The Admin should be on one subnet, thestudents on another. Similarly in AU, the student systems should be on one subnet, and the Admin systems on another. Back home, have 2 PVCs between the sites, and 2 ethernet interfaces on the router. Now you just set up your routing in FIJI to pass all Admin data across the dedicated PVC, and all "other" data across the "other" PVC.

I would make the distinction at the FIJI router based on "destination Address = Admin systems" to go down the dedicated PVC.

This way you could dedicate a certain amount of BW to each group.

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