Internet Browsers won't connect (Windows 7)

I have 3 pc's connected to the Internet via a Router. 1 pc has Windows Xp, the 2nd, Windows Vista. These work fine but the 3rd, with Windows 7 won't connect to the Internet no matter which browser I use (IE7, or IE8, Firefox, or Google). I have re-installed IE twice. I can run Windows update and I am able to access it remotely. I can also ping and tracert to anywhere. Any ideas?

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Is it properly connected to the router?

by seanferd In reply to Internet Browsers won't c ...

If you run
ipconfg /all
does it come back with the expected values?

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check firewall settings and windows update

by beanxyz In reply to Internet Browsers won't c ...

If I were u, i will check if the network setting is correct, like dns, ip address etc. I will also try to disable firewall and check if there are any unsuccessful updates

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by SystemCheck In reply to check firewall settings a ...

its the internal ethernet port, put in a nic

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Try updating firmware of router

by bimal_kumar_sanghi In reply to Internet Browsers won't c ...

Update firmware of router. Contact router manufacturer
Still no go
Use Windows Troubleshooter
Still no go, contact ISP

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