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Internet Chinese swindler sites

By Henknum ·
Is there a need for a site where fraud, swindler, scam sites are listed? I think that people have there own responsibilities, but these guys are comminf smarter, so it is difficult to separate the good sites from the bad sites.
A example of these sites are and

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by dogknees In reply to Internet Chinese swindler ...

How are you going to ensure the list site is accurate?

There are no cops in this world. People are responsible for looking after themselves.

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Cops in the world

by Henknum In reply to Trust

There are no cops in the world who taking action. That is right. My opinion is that it is very sick and faint-hearted. Of course it is stupid, with a little investigation on the web you can find out if it is a scam side.
The question still stays, have the world accepts that such guys in China or other countries can steel money from honest people, witout a change that they will punish for what they doing.
Fot me it is unacceptable and I am searching for a way that peole are going to say: This is enough!

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There Are None

by dogknees In reply to Cops in the world

There are no cops with international powers that all countries accept.

The main reason is that certain countries will not accept that their citizens should be subject to laws imposed and enforced from outside their borders. The USA is at the top of this list!

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So are you

by santeewelding In reply to There Are None

You want we should pass laws about you spitting on your Australian sidewalk? You, us on ours?

The same holds for the U.S. vis-a-vis Mexico. We can pass all the stupid things we want -- to no avail, except for those who are convinced, ala Canute, we can outlaw what is.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to So are you

Poor guy... surrounded by fools, and they never understood him, even posthumously.

There he is, trying to show his subjects the limitation of sovereignty, no doubt to stop them asking him to save their harvests.

And they all think he believed the waves would stop, himself. And now that's all they remember about him

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by dogknees In reply to Canute

I guess I do believe in limits. There are things one should not do no matter the consequences.

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I on the other hand...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Mmm

believe, that it is by the consequences that an action should be evaluated.
Uncomfortable, but with a chance of achieving lasting good? Go for it.
Nice and comfy, but leading to an ever narrowing set of options? Don't.

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by dogknees In reply to Mmm

Perhaps I didn't explain myself. I also believe in judging an action by it's consequences.

What I am saying is that there are acts that have some consequences that are so awful that regardless of any positives that might also accrue, one should not do it. ie Accepting the death of millions to save ones own life.

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by dogknees In reply to So are you

If you join a mission under the auspices of the UN, you are bound by their rules. If you do the wrong thing, you should be tried by the UN. No matter where you come from.

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Always out of date.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Internet Chinese swindler ...

Scammers constantly change their site names and addresses. Even if they didn't already do this, they'd monitor your proposed site; when they saw their names, they'd just change then.

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