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    internet configuration


    by bobietoribio ·

    we are connected to T1/Lan using automatic detect setting to access internet. But lately some of the website cannot be access like hotmail, cnn, microsoft,so i was force to change the configuration to manual proxy server setting. Is there any configuration changes by the local telephone company here? Also when I try to ping let say it reply request time out.

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      internet configuration

      by michael roark – ccna/da mcp 3csa ·

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      Number one, you can’t ping, they’ve locked that down, so you should try to ping another site.
      Number two, who’s DNS server are you using? are you using your phone company’s or do you have a seperate one set up?
      It sounds like a DNS issue to me.
      Try pinging another site. My site can be pinged.
      That may help tell you.
      (TechRepublic can’t be pinged either)
      Good Luck.
      You can also set your DNS server to go somewhere else, you don’t have to use your ISP’s. Thereare plenty of DNS’s out there.

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