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Internet conncctivity in redhat linux 9

By manu_v_g ·
I had a pc of athlon XP 2000 with 256 mb ddr ram and 40 gb of harddisk. Ihad installed redhat linux 9 in it. Had a modem of chipset pctel, Installed the driver and getting dialed.After hearing a long faxton its showing no carrier and disconnects.Let me know any solution for this.....

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Internet conncctivity in ...

assume you are talking about dial up internet?
see your isp for ppp script debugging information? capture conversation into log for examination? just talking thru my hat, never got internet working with linux but watched it being your isp, see if they have script you can copy?

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by stress junkie In reply to Internet conncctivity in ...

I've had the same problem with SuSE Linux and with MS W2K, both running on the same machine. I believe that the problem is with the modems on each end of the line interacting. I would sometimes have to dial my ISP up to five times before the connection would complete.

I worked around the problem by setting the dial up application to redial automatically.

I finally fixed the problem yesterday by getting cable modem service through a different ISP.

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by dillip_linux In reply to Internet conncctivity in ...

Try Passing Init string in ur dialup script
Init1 = ATX1 or ATS10=250


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