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By tony ·
I am stumped. I am visiting my father and his computer is connected through a DSL line. He has XP and only 1 Local Area Connection it goes through. Right now, only IE6 can access the internet. I downloaded Firefox but it can't see a connection. The same thing when I downloaded IE7; it couldn't detect an internet connection either. And no program I launch that needs internet access can detect a connection. I am an author with little technical experience, but this is the best forum I have found in giving easy to understand answers. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Proprietary software

by mjd420nova In reply to Internet Connection

I have often encountered the problem you have. The cause was that the service provider (ISP) has made some modifications to the version of Internet Explorer that is loaded unto the machine at the time of the initial hookup to the ISP's LAN and modem. If the user has a CD disk provided by the ISP, you can run that after loading the new programs (Firefox or IE7) and it should make the modifications needed to hookup properly.

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That is a good answer

by tintoman In reply to Proprietary software

But I fear it is incomplete, I have also seen this issue caused by the likes of AOL who insist that you use their browser, however since you stated that no other programmes can access the internet I would look for a locked down firewall if I were you, most likely if you have Norton or McAfee installed that is where the problem is most likely to be

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by tony In reply to That is a good answer

I thought of the firewall and disabled it. I still have the problem. My father has AT&T DSL, and he is not good at keeping discs, manuals, ect handy. He usually forgets where he put them. You may both may have pointed me in the right direction by inferring that I need to let the ISP tech support untie this.

I will let you know what I find out. Please feel free to post any other ideas you may still come up with.


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