Internet connection down after setting up home network

By ace1977ca ·
I was trying to enable file sharing over my wireless network so I went through the Network Setup Wizard, realizing afterwards that was wrong. I now have the internet gateway showing enabled in my network connections and I cannot disable it, nor can anyone on my network connect to the internet when it is enabled. I have to disable my wireless connection and reset the network devices for the internet connection to come back for other users.
If I remove the check from Internet gateway device recovery in Networking services the gateway disappears but the internet connection is still not working on my laptop.
I have a D-Link router, DI-745 I think, I am going to try removing the firewall exception for UPnP on it today. Looking for any other suggestions as to how to get my internet connection back up on my network.
The pc's on my network are all Win XP SP2, 2 wireless, one connected via ethernet.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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That isn't how...

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Internet connection down ...

That isn't how I set up my file sharing. I just created a file and told the file I to be on my network. BUT BEFORE you do that enable file/printer sharing in windows firewall (control panel, classic view, windows firewall, the exceptions tab, make sure on all PCs the "File and Printer Sharing" is selected). I wouldn't set up my network using windows. I do my network control in the router, enter an IP address into your internet browser (like If you need more help or have questions, shoot me an email; I would write more if I didn't have to work!

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I do the same thing....

by ---TK--- In reply to That isn't how...

Just create a file, share it, enable it on the fire wall. The only thing I do different is Map by PC name. If you want to change your PC names.... Right click "my Computer", properties, Computer Name tab, change, and name the PC in there. CLick ok, and you will need to reboot... When I want to access my file server I just do \\file\ and that will show all the shares on that pc...

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