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Internet connection failure

By ayshe77 ·
I have finished building a small home network. My DSL provider limits me to one static IP address. I give teh IP address of my DHCP server to the DSL provider. During testing I find that I cannot aceesss the internet from the workstations. I ping all the devices inside the DHCP server successfully. What is causing me the problem?
The following info about my system may be helpful
DHCP enabled
IP address :
Subnet mask :
Default gateway :

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by madroxxx In reply to Internet connection failu ...

O.K. what is acting as your gateway? Do you have two network cards in your dchp, one connected to the public internet and one with a set of private address plugged to a hub/switch on the inside? What operating sustem is your DHCP server?

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What is your router?

by clearsmashdrop In reply to Gateway?

In addition to what is your DHCP server, where is your router?

In my case at home, my router and DHCP server are in the same box.

The router holds the IP address the DSL company gives me. The clients all get a 192.168.123.x IP address from the router. The gateway is automatically configured via DHCP.

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