Internet connection perfect on PC, not connecting anywhere else

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Help! After factory resetting my router, my devices can no longer access internet including smart phones and video game consoles. They are able to connect to the wi-fi, but are denied any internet access. Contrary to this, my laptop's internet works flawlessly (wireless connection) and works as if it had never changed!
TLDR; All devices except my PC can't connect to the internet
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WiFi connected but no internet access [Updated]

by feenalauren In reply to Internet connection perfe ...

I have already provide you a link if you are not connecting internet , but as you have mentioned that your are connected to internet but still getting no internet access then, i think you need to check this also.

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Possible solution

by feenalauren In reply to Internet connection perfe ...

Looks like your there is some issue with your PC.
You need to check your PC’s Network drive through Device manager.
It may be corrupt or outdated.
Just update network drive.
And also check if some firewall may be doesn’t allow network access in your PC's. Disable it for a while and try again.
Let me know if this works or not?

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by RonCloudGeek In reply to Internet connection perfe ...

Go to your router's admin panel and set up a new wireless key and see if you can connect with other devices.

Also, disable any MAC filtering and allow connection to ALL devices

Hope that helps!

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