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    Internet connection problems

    by mjs103 ·


    My laptop (windows 7) connects to home network but vpn connection no longer works. Our home devices (mac) also can drop connection intermittently. Everything worked perfectly until a recent outage with our fibre to home with onfl. Any help much appreciated!!

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      Have you tried turning off the Modem

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      Unplugging the power lead for 20 seconds or so and then plugging it back in and turning on?

      That is always the first thing to try after a Power Outage as when it comes back on there are spikes which screw up the Modem.

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      Here’s what to do when your VPN stops working

      by samgord ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      Connect your computer directly to your modem – bypass your router – if this helps, then your router is causing issues with your VPN account as sometimes router settings can affect your VPN. Check your firewall software and test if it’s conflicting with your VPN. Disable and try connecting again.

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      Try This It MAY Help You Out To Get vpn Connection

      by shinamiler ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      If your VPN client isn’t connecting, try starting a website without connecting through a VPN to see if your internet connection is working. If your internet is still down, it may be a query at your ISP’s end. Preview your VPN provider’s website, too, to make sure that the server you’re trying to connect to isn’t down.

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      by roncloudgeek ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      You will have to troubleshoot to see where’s the underlying problem.

      I would open the command prompt and run the ping command to test the internet connection. If it shows 0 percent loss that means your connection is fine. 100 percent loss means your internet is down. At this point, I’ll restart the router from the admin portal and reconnect. If it’s still down I’ll contact the ISP.

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      Switch to a new VPN

      by patrioticcow ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      I personally use DewVPN. You may try it and see if issue will still persists. Just give it a try, it’s free. Here you go –

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      Some Troubleshooting techniques

      by berthaleon1348 ·

      In reply to Internet connection problems

      Here are some troubleshooting techniques which you can use in order to solve the problem:

      Check Your Settings
      Check Your Access Points
      Restart the Router
      Check DHCP Settings
      Update Windows
      Open Windows Network Diagnostics

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