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Internet connection sharering, how to ?

Hello everyone! someone said that when you get a router automatically gives an IP address to each computer wright but when I try to explore the internet nothing happend, I have an "Airlink ar504" router the website for this is not the best in the market but I can't afford anything else right now! Verizon DSL Westell 6100 modem the thing is that I can not connect to the net using the router what can I do to bridge the modem so Airlink costumer said but they cannot help.

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by TheChas In reply to Internet connection share ...

This page at Airlink

will allow you to download the manual and installation guide.

Just to cover the basic steps for setting things up:

Connect your DSL Modem to the WAN port on the router.

Connect your computer(s) to the LAN ports on the router.

Verify that you get blinking lights on both the PC and the router for each connected computer.

If you don't get blinking lights on your network adapter, your network cable is either bad or wired wrong.

Follow the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to "PING" the router from your PC.

Then, follow the instructions for setting up the router.

Start with the DSL setup, and then try others if the DSL setup does not work.

Nearly every home class broadband router must have the user name and password for your DSL account loaded.

Once you have the router configured you don't need to do anything else unless you wish to share files or printers between your computers.


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by CG IT In reply to Internet connection share ...

well part of your problem could be that you've got 2 routers there. The Westell 6100 is a broadband modem + router. The Airlink is also a router.

Westell CNET

so what you have is 2 networks probably on the same subnet [most are defaulted DHCP enabled range mask].

So the Westell automatically gets an WAN IP address from Verizon and also DNS servers. BUT most importantly, the Westell doesn't have a built in 4 port 10/100 switch. So if you plug your computer into the LAN port on the Westell you should bet internet connection provided that you have the computer network connections set on automatically obtain an address and DNS servers [the Westell will provide them though DHCP]. To share the connection with other computers you'll need a switch. The uplink port [usually port 5 on the 4 port switch which will require a cross over cable to function] is connected to the LAN port on the router. The computers then jack in to the remaining ports 1-4. The Westell will handle NAT.

Return the Airlink Router and get a 4 port switch [no hubs].

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