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By Sissi ·
I have setup ICS on my host computer and can share files and folders on both the host and client computer but I can't access the internet from the client computer. I have played around with checking on and off both Client for Microsoft Networks and NetBEUI Protocol but it still won't work.

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Do you have...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

TCP/IP installed as a protocol? NETBEUI is fine for sharing files and folders, but you MUST have TCP/IP for internet sharing!

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Yes I do have TCP/IP

by Sissi In reply to Do you have...

Oh I'm sorry, yes I do have TCP/IP as a protocol and DHCP as assigned by ISP. I am running Windows 2000 with two NIC cards on my host PC. My internet connection is cable modem. Should I manually configure the client PC IP address or does ICS automatically configure this? Thanks so much for your help.

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Ok...let me see....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Yes I do have TCP/IP

Cable modems are a bugger and much of the success in getting ICS to work does depend on the ISP!

Obviously you are using one NIC for the cable connection an the other for the internal network. I'm not up on W2K but assuming (!!) that networking and ICS works much like XP, I seem to recall that there has to be some kind of 'bridge' connection between the NIC's. More than that, I'm afraid I can't be of much help....sorry!

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do the hardware solution

by omie In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

If you are not so familiar with the networking side, it is safe to say just go to the computer store and buy the cable router. It is easier to share the internet. It cost less than $150 for the 8 port unit. In this scenario you have a firewall and you have a control on traffic coming in and out because you have a control on the ports.

You could also use the software solution by buying the software like the WinProxy.

I tried using that internet connection sharing that comes with the OS and a lot of times it doesn't work.

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by Sissi In reply to do the hardware solution

Thanks so very much everyone. I just cant figure out why this thing wont work. I even tried NAT and it was the same thing. I guess I will go buy that router after all. Thanks again.

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by baden In reply to Thanks

well first of all the sharing tab relating to the
network connection should have both boxes
ticked, then the machine eg 2000 pro should
have DHCP enabled. On the other machines
right click IE then connections then tick tab that
sats never dial a connection say OK the come
out. Right click Network neighbourhod go to
props then right click your network connection,
props, go to internet protocol, props, then tick
obtain ip address auto, click ok, ok then restart
. This the obtains all the necessary no's
automatically from the eg 2000 machine then
click IE and you should hear the modem dial

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confused ?

by omie In reply to ICS

First of all you made the discussion confusing. This are the facts based on the earlier statement.
The modem being used is a cable modem not a dial up so you won't hear a clicking sound.

There is no dhcp you won't be getting an ip and your IP will be a if you set up that network card on dhcp connected to the workstation sharing the internet.

In the multicard computer you need a static IP addresses on each network card so that you could create a static routing and enable IP forwarding.
In most cases the ISP doesn't give you a static public IP address so the ICS is not possible in the scenario and the only solution is either buy a router that does NAT or a software called WinProxy to solve the problem.

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