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Internet Connection Sharing uses all bandwidth not allowing me to surf

By pluther_sa ·
Hi all, I have a weird situation that has got me stumped. I have enabled ICS on my host machine to share internet with 1 client machine I have. I have setup static ICS. Client is Host is and I have update the host's host file correctly. The host also has wireless, usb connected internet (WOOSH). Both PC's are running Vista Ultimate.

The problem is when I just use my host machine, client PC switched off, as soon as I establish a connection to the internet, the connection becomes crazy active bouncing around 90% bandwidth. This then stops me from using the internet. I open internet explorer but it will time out leaving me unable to load the website. Any website. I installed NetLimiter and can see a svchost process is downloading 20Kbs, and uploading 50kbs to my ISP's DNS IP. My wireless is about 1.5Mbs speed I think.

Last night I finally found that by disabling ICS I got my internet usage back! I was happy there, but I still want ICS for my client PC.

Anybody have any thoughts?

thanks in advance,


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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

"The host also has wireless"
Internet at 90% - you cant surf.
Three Reasons:
Somebody is using your wireless connection.

You have a P2P application or like running in the background.

You have a virus.

Most likely the first as when you disable sharing your usage returns!

Wireless Security - What are you running for this?

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I take a look

by pluther_sa In reply to Clue

Cheers for the feedback.

The only P2P app that I have installed is uTorrent on the host machine. So unless Vista has something along those lines that is all it could be. I'll try un-installing uTorrent and see what happens.

As for a Virus well I give the PC another scan but should be clean. Plus I use autoruns from sysinternals to see everything the boots up in windows.

I am running PC Cillin Internet security 2007, mostly because it's the only app so far that has a firewall that will work with Vista for me, and find it a lot easier than managing the Vista firewall.

I should be a little more clear when I mention I'm using a wireless modem as it's not what I'd call convential wireless per say. It's a wireless network coverage provided to the country by the ISP. Like a mobile phone network is the easiest way to describe it with network towers. Works like a dial-up connection but there is no hardline to the telephone lines of the house.

Thanks for your help and I report what I find.

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And to put another spanner in the works

by pluther_sa In reply to I take a look

I just thought of something else. If I had a P2P program hogging the net when I connect with ICS on, then why doesn't this P2P app do the same when ICS is off?

With ICS on the bandwidth can be hogged/maxed with just the host computer on. No other client computers running. This is what I find strange. Its like the ICS feature itself is the culprit for the excessive internet usage.

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by pluther_sa In reply to And to put another spanne ...

Well found out how to calm the bandwidth usage so that I can use the internet with ICS enabled.

I changed the DNS IP of my LAN card to match that of my dial-up wireless modem's DNS IP. But not sure if this is safe or not? Plus I have noticed on my client vista pc that it cant ping the DNS of my host, therefore it has no internet. I even tried changing the DNS IP on the client to the same as the DNS IP of my host's modem IP and now LAN as well. IP's as follows;


Host Modem
IP: (Changes every logon)
Gateway: Nothing

Client pc
DNS: (But also tried IPs of host)

Host file on host machine localhost
::1 localhost MCB-PC.MSHOME.NET

So is using the DNS IP of my ISP on my LAN card safe?

And ideas why my client pc can't get ineternet? Windows says it can't because it can't ping the DNS server, which I verified from prompt. But file sharing between host and client works sweet!



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