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Internet Connection Sharing with Juno

By qballrail ·
Recently I set up a network in a home and the owner wishes to share the internet connection. Had this been a conventional DUN setup, no problem but this one is Juno. Any suggestions on how to set this up? Both PC's are on XP with Juno software installed. Thought about setting up an internet gateway with the desktop NIC connected to the uplink port on the router. Would this work and how?


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by jose_12650 In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

Is your connection dial-up, cable or dsl? If dial-up, you have to connect the computers in LAN environment and enable the ICS (internet connection sharing) in the system that is connected to the internet. Connect all computers using a cross-over ethernet cables. If you have dsl or cable connection, you have to install a router (linksys 4-port cable/dsl router or Microsoft MN-100 router/switch which are very inexpensive), the manual that goes with the device is very helpful in setting up your home network. It does not involve rocket-science and you will feel some gratification in setting it up on your own without the help from so-called "expert".

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by qballrail In reply to

All that you've suggested has been completed. I stated that I have setup a home network, while not with the step-by-step details, I did state that there is a router. Juno is only dialup. Also, this is not a conventional DUN, Juno uses it's own DUN. I'm still at ground zero, but thanks for trying.

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by wlbowers In reply to Internet Connection Shari ...

Juno is not only dialup. I have a customer that runs juno on 3 computers on a network that is routed to a cable modem.

All three computers can be logged in to the same user id at the same time. He has had them all on line several times. He has a tendency to forget that he has them logged on.

Linksys BESFR41 is a 4 port switch with router.

SMC makes the SMC7004ABR. This is a 4 port router/hub that has a RS232 port that controls a dialup modem or ISDN.

With a little more information you can get lots of suggestions.


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