Internet Connection stops! Windows Firewall and other services stop!

By zainhansrod ·

I have 4 WinXP SP2 installed PCs hooked up to the net using PPPoE to a ADSL modem via a Switch.

Recently I am experiencing drops on Internet Connection on all PCs randomly, although the network connection is active and the PCs can ping each other but they cannot access any n/w resources! Also the internet connection icon still says connected to internet but IE wont display any pages!

I have run many Antivirus programs and AntiSpyware programs but they havent picked up anything!

I also notice that when this happens the Windows Firewall and other services are stopped!

When trying to restart the Windows Firewall it says Access Denied!

I have to sometimes then restart the PCs and then reconnect to the Internet to solve this, and then again it cuts off randomly sometimes after 10min or 30min or sometimes after 3/5 hours!

Please help!!!

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When you ran the Scans was it in Safe Mode?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Internet Connection stops ...

All the Spy Ware/Mal Ware Scans work better in Safe Mode and here I do mean Safe Mode Not Safe Mode With Networking!

If you ran the Scans in Safe Mode you are far more likely to be able to remove problem files and when they can not be removed because they have been loaded into RAM the software will ask to run a scan on the next reboot and scan the system before anything gets loaded. I also tell all my clients to keep running the scans till they come up as clean as I've seen examples of computers that haven't been scanned for ages requiring up to 7 scans to totally clean out all of the infections by just 1 piece of software. Then I move on to another Piece of Software and do it all again.

Now I take it that this isn't affecting all the computers at the same time so you need to look at the individual computers but if it is affecting everything at once the place to look would be the Modem & Switch with the Switch being my first suspect.

As this is killing off parts of the Windows Kernel you really need to look for infections bad loads or load errors that occur all the time when new software is installed. Normally these will not present a problem but when you get the right mix of load errors with the wrong links or file shortcuts this can cause problems and though it generally only happens on computers running specialised software it's still possible and some kind of third party Software Checking Utility is needed to check for software errors. I've found up to 350 errors on a clean install of a simple XP Pro Office XP Pro and the utilities that are required to keep the system running without infection and so forth.

I've used Norton's System Doctor in the past to cleanup Load Errors in Windows but even that fails to fix problems when the .Net 3 framework is installed as that just points to things that do not exist.

The other thing to look at is the actual incoming mains power as a 3 to 5 hour time between failures doesn't look like a normal fault there could be a hardware relation helping to cause this as well.

So start off with the obvious is there plenty of clear space behind the Towers to allow hot air to escape and not be sucked in again?

Are the cases far enough off the ground so as not to suck in lots of dust and other rubbish and cause shorts to occur randomly?

Have you actually opened a case to see how clean it is?

Are all of these computers and the Modem & Switch on the same power circuit or are they on different ones?

Do you have any heavy Industry around where these computers are that could place a large power drain when they start up?

Lets know the answers to these questions and we'll see where things go from there.


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Tried the following

by zainhansrod In reply to When you ran the Scans wa ...

I did run the scans in Safe Mode only! I heard something about running winsockxpfix havent tried that yet!

I dont think power has anything to do with it since it kills the SOFTWARE services! All PCs are running on the same power line!

Fans and airflow is perfect, no obstruction!

No heavy industries or anything like such!

But i think its definately a virus/spyware or something because when installing it from scratch it doesnt happen - after a while it begins!


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same problem

by rudymartinscott In reply to Internet Connection stops ...

Exact same problem here. Services randomly stop--most frequently Windows Firewall protection, Wireless Zero Configuration server, Automatic updates. Eventually causes internet connection loss.

I have latest updated AVG full scan produces no viruses. Adaware scan produces only innoculus cookies.

Let me know if anyone finds a solution to this.

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more details

by rudymartinscott In reply to same problem

The machine I'm having trouble with is a Toshiba Satellite M115 and the internet connection is wireless.

I've tried running LSP-Fix and everything looks normal.

I've also tried resetting the IP stack with: netsh interface ip reset reset.log

and the firewall with: netsh firewall reset

No go from either one. I also followed the knowledge base article instructions KB#892199 for resolving Firewall startup problems--no luck there either.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Same Problem

by ian.tabner In reply to Internet Connection stops ...

I have a company network, and so far 5 pc's have shown the same symptoms. The firewall stops, computer browser stops, windows update service stops to mention a few. Did anyone figure out what this was? Done all the usual things ran av scan in safe mode.

Any help is appreciated. thanks

I Tabner

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So far?!

by zainhansrod In reply to Same Problem

Well guys,

I could'nt find a solution to this, apparently the worm/virus or whatever it is spreads if you dont have the firewall up completely blocking everything. Thats what i did, re-installed all machines from scratch and put up the firewall completely. No hassels from then on!

But still no i.d. on that thing! hhhmmmmmm.......

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I think it is an update problem with webclient

by joe_lystad In reply to So far?!

go to registry editor
HKLM, Software, Microsoft, Windows NT, CurrentVersion, Svchost
Under localservice, click on that, and delete webclient from the list

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temporary solution

by jain_pranay In reply to Internet Connection stops ...

when such problem arises, a error message appears, having options send or don't send, before chosing the option please disconnect all internet and network connections, then choose either of the two. now again connect to the internet or local net by network connections.
although this is a temporary solution, but it works.atleast u don't have restart the computer.

I am still finding a permanent solution to this problem.

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I have the solution

by jain_pranay In reply to Internet Connection stops ...

Restart the computer in safe mode with networking, now go to control panel, administrative tools-->services, and disable the ics service. now restart the computer in normal mode and your problem is solved for ever.

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