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internet connection with win xp

By prckpoop2 ·
i have bout 7 xp pro pcs and all are networked with a router and dsl

for sum weird reason i walk in today and my laptop (connected via wireless) isnt connecting but it has an ip address i go to another computer (connected by cat5e) is doing the same thing
but all the others work fine

thank u for all ur help

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by house In reply to internet connection with ...

You have a dsl modem -> router -> computer(s).
Your router is authenticating via PPPoE with user name and password.

a) Turn the power off of your router, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.

b) release and renew all of the ip addresses on the machines

c) disable windows firewall if you have sp2 or if you are so inclined, tweak the advanced settings to allow router request and echo request.

d) Make sure you are connecting through lan and not with username and password, your router should be doing that for you.

PS - these are the most common solutions. It could be anything.

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by ReWrite In reply to internet connection with ...

How is the network set up? Is the router acting as a dhcp server and handing out ip addresses? If so, is your ip address in the same network/subnet? Can you ping other pc's on your local network? Can you ping websites on the internet by ip and name?

Post back with more information regarding your network setup and machine setup.



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by razz2 In reply to internet connection with ...

When you say "isn't connecting" do you mean to the LAN or the

Is your ip the same subnet as the LAN, or has it self-assigned a

If 6 PC's are connecting to the LAN and the NET, then the
hardware is basically fine. If the router is supplying DHCP then it
may be out of address'.

Good Luck,


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by jdclyde In reply to internet connection with ...

The only thing not mentioned is have you checked to make sure you are getting a gateway?

ipconfig /all to make sure.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /all

Do in this order and then try to ping your router.
If you can ping the router, try to ping google or yahoo.

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