Internet Connection wizard error on Small Business Server 2003

By givenchygr ·
Hello all,

I need help setting up my internet of the SBS 2003. This is my first time installing one. I have two nic cards, one for LAN and the other for internet. I have an ATT DSL modem and have assigned LAN nic ip address
Subnet :
Default gateway

and for internet connection nic assigned ip address
Subnet :

I selected direct broadband for internet connection but after click next a few times its giving an error on the network component of the configuration

How do I get around this?

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disable 1 NIC

by CG IT In reply to Internet Connection wizar ...

Buy a router. Connect your DSL modem to the router.

Disable 1 of the NICS [eg your not going to use it].

rerun the connect to the internet wizard.

fill in the ISP DNS information in the appropriate boxes. fill in the router's LAN address as the default gateway.

the wizard should complete

check the box, my computer uses 1 NIC. Fill in the information provided

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Use Netopia Router from ATT

by steve In reply to Internet Connection wizar ...

ATT sells a DSL router for this purpose. The Netopia 3347 allows multiple "IP Maps". You can map a NAT (local) IP address to a public IP address. You can purchase the router from the ATT shop online. One word of caution - I've had to replace the predecessor (3346) twice now. The first one would not keep the DLS line up after a year and the second slowed down dramatically. Netopia/Motorola swear that they've fixed the issues with the 3347.

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