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By srgmnab ·
Hello Everyone!
we have three broadband internet connections. I need a network structure that help me to establish these three connection in a better way that none of the connection wont have a problem.
network structure means where to put switch and router and structure of the connection.

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Request for Clarification

by databaseben In reply to Clarifications

please clarify "three broadband internet connections"

do you mean you have 3 broadband signals coming into your home from an internet service provider "or" you have 1 broadband signal from your isp and you have 3 computers accessing the one service.

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At a high level

by robo_dev In reply to Internet Connection

What you may need is a dual-WAN router that can load-balance between two ISP connections (Cisco RV042), or a conventional router like a Cisco 1710 that can use one WAN connection as a primary connection and a secondary WAN connection for failover

There are only a couple of triple-WAN routers out there, most likely something like a Cisco 3925 which costs around $7,000 USD.

If all three WAN connections are from the same ISP, then you typically will not gain much resiliency by buying three circuits from them, as most likely all three will stop working at the same time.

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thank you robo and databaseben...

by srgmnab In reply to Internet Connection

databaseben: it is not my home. it is my workplace, it is an educational organisation. we have separate three internet connections and all the three connections give internet to 45 systems through switch. how can i distribute it properly. and also i want to structure the whole organisation networking. kindly provide a plan...
robo: thank you for the information. but it is not possible to invest that much by the management. so kindly give information less cost and effective networking management.

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by ThatITGuyTy In reply to Internet Connection

I am going to assume that this educational organization is a school or college of some kind. Next, I am going to assume that there are locations within this organization that can house networking equipment. If you haven't already, check out eBay for switch and router racks; you can get a decent rack to house both or all your switches and routers for under $400 bucks.

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hai thatTguyTy

by srgmnab In reply to Internet Connection

thanx for the information. cool. recently we met a technical expert came here and told us what could be done to solve the problem.
I need a small help. what is proxy server? how to configure that?

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