Internet Connectivity Issue between PCs (crossover cable)

By posejc ·
I have done it before and my computer crashed last on the 3/14/07 - I recovered most of everything I had lost - I am up on a wireless Linksys card WMPG54GS - works fine when I use either of WIndows or the Linksys Monitor v1.1 or V1.4 (latest) - however; I cannot get my son's computer to connect to the internet via a crossover cable - it worked before the crash - now whenever I create a new connection via TCP/IP - and either assign an IP (I am trying to use for the host (this computer) and for the guest (my son's computer) with a subnet mask of on both and the Default Gateway of - I have tried assigning the DNS IP address on either - but when I do so - my Wireless goes OUT Completely and I cannot do anything unless I DISABLE the LAN Cable Connection - I have stopped services on the Windows Services and use the Wireless Card to do its job!.. if I do the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration - it won't work right!.. so this way the WMP54GS works fine - I get connection to the internet fine on this computer - the LAN Connection shows on both systems as 100Mps and connected! if I set them both ACTIVE - so I know their talking - so why can I not get on the internet on the other computer?..
I have run the Network Computer Wizard numerous times on both - copying the netsetup file on either a Jumpdrive or a floppy - says its connected ok - but I still can't get the other (guest -son - ) computer to connect to the Internet -- What am I doing wrong?.. Can anyone tell me!. Please its very frustrating - I have even replaced the NIC Card on my son's computer - the other one was not flashing - this one does - but its not flashing on/off - which shows traffic - steady green - this is really getting to me.. Please someone tell me how I can get this system to get on board with my main Host computer!.. Should I try something else?. Any input would be appreciated.. Please email me direct at: or at btw: I am running Windows XP on both - I redid my son's it has Windows XP Trial Version - SP1 only - mine has SP2 (which is sometimes a headache!).


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Try a Packet Trace

by jradzano In reply to Internet Connectivity Iss ...


Since your Son's omputer is apparenty showing an active
connection, try running a packet trace from his computer
while trying to browse the internet. This should show
anything that may be blocked, such as addresses and
ports This can be done using the free app called Ethereal.
I would also try running "tracert" from a terminal window
on a website. This should show where in the route to the
internet the requests are being halted. the way you
described everything, it sounds like everything you have is
configured correctly, so I don't think the problem is there.
It may possibly be a configuration thing. If the host
computer is running Windows XP, go to the control panel
and disable the firewall. The Windows fdirewall is very
bad and doesn't like to play nice with other computers.

Please let me know how this goes. I will sent it to you via
e-mail as well.

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Default gateway on the son's computer

by jradzano In reply to Internet Connectivity Iss ...

I HAVE IT. I can?t believe I missed it!! The default gateway for your son?s computer should be the IP of yours, since that is your son?s connection to the internet, Your default gateway should be the same as that on the other network card ? your actual internet connection. Try this and let me know what happens please.

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