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    internet connectivity issue


    by faithlove ·

    Hi I am having an issue with a desktop computer getting online. There is a cable modem connected to a belkin wireless router. No matter what lan port I plug the desktop in I get limited connectivity. If I plug the desktop directly to modem I get connected. I confirmed that the ports on belkin router are working with a laptop. I tried another ethernet cable to computer and get same resultswhen I do a ipconfig there are different letters like “fffefeefeff” for ip . What would caused this desktop not be able to connect while plug into belkin router?

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      OK, first, this should be in the Q&A section to get more answers, second

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to internet connectivity issue

      you need to check you’ve set both devices up properly and with the right security, set the network interface card directions up – usually when you go through a router you have to point the NIC at the router’s IP as the gateway and the location of the DNS service. The other thing to check is if you should be linking the modem to the router via the network uplink port on one or not.

      BTW poor security on the wireless router will see you lose a lot of connectivity to locals stealing off your service.

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        network uplinnk?

        by faithlove ·

        In reply to OK, first, this should be in the Q&A section to get more answers, second

        Thanks I will check it out. What do you mean by check the network uplink port on one or not?

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          Routers with more than one Ethernet port often have one marked as being

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to network uplinnk?

          an ‘Uplink’ port. This is used when you connect it to another router, switch, or modems – it’s usually marked as such or is a different colour to the rest of the ports. Normal Ethernet ports are set for straight through cables while the Uplink port is set for a crossover cable – some will auto check and software adjust, some won’t. I’ve a switch that hangs off my four port adsl modem router, I have that feed into a switch. When my son added his four port wireless router to the network he had to connect his router to my router via the Uplink port on his to make it work properly. That particular Netgear router he got looks for the Internet connection on the uplink port only.

          Check the paperwork on the router to see if it has an identified uplink port, if it does, try using that port to connect between the modem and the router and then plug your PCs into the other ports. Also make sure you have the router settings set right to allow traffic and have your PCs pointing to the correct device as the gateway – in some cases this requires pointing to the modem, in others you point to the router and have it point to the modem; set up depends on how the devices are meant to be set up. With my router I point the PCs to the router, while my son has his wireless router pointed to my router and his laptop pointed at his wireless router.

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