Internet connectivity problem

By eroon2 ·
Sometimes when trying to get onto a website, it says the page cannot be loaded, even though the icon in the taskbar shows that the computer is connected to the internet. Repairing the connection sometimes helps, other times I have to repair it several times. But when I try going on to another website, the same thing happens. This usually happens when I first try going on the Internet after starting the computer, and goes on for a while until it seems to settle down. When it can't connect I can ping the router and the DNS servers, as well as connect to the network. This problem happens with some of the computers on the network, (Windows XP as well as Windows 7) while others work fine. The computers that don't give the problem are both wired and wireless. I tried using the netsh int command and the winsock reset command, but this didn't help. What could be causing this problem? If it is the router why is it happening with just some of the computers on the network?

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Couple of thoughts...

by robo_dev In reply to Internet connectivity pro ...

Overall, it sounds like either the Internet connection for the whole (office?) is getting overloaded, or if there is a DNS server or router acting as a DNS forwarder, then it's not keeping up with the requests.

How is the router connecting to the Internet? Is it DSL? Remember that DSL is a dial-on-demand technology and unless it's configured in the router, the connection will timeout and there will be considerable lag until the session is re-established.

Try this, for starters, pick a website and get it's IP address (goto command prompt and do nslookup ). Can you surf that site via IP address all the time?

If so, then we know it's a DNS issue for sure.

Overall, I would guess it's working for some but not others for two reasons:

1) With cacheing, a fairly static site like google will load perfectly from cache even with the LAN cable unplugged while a complex site like CNN will take gobs of bandwidth and establish about a dozen connections to ad sites, analytic sites, facebook, etc when the user visits the page.

2) If DNS is not working properly, and it's a simple web site, it's probably going to have one IP address, so that site will work even if the client DNS information is stale. A site like CNN will have probably a half dozen IP addresses, so it won't load if DNS is hosed.

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Reponse To Answer

by eroon2 In reply to Couple of thoughts...

Thanks for the reply. The router is connected to a modem which connects to the internet by cable. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning when I start my computer to try surfing with the IP address, unless I re-start my computer now. It usually only gives the problem soon after starting. But even simple sites like google don't load on the computers that give the problem.

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