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Internet connectivity slow after Windows updates

By Thermal ·
I have several clients complaining of slow internet connections since installing latest Windows Critical updates for XP pro. I have tried sorting through the updates looking for culprits to no avail.has anyone else had this problem or can give me some advice? I'm a relatively new to the field.

Thanks in advance

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

this could be the problem, and sometimes is a problem.

this problem is spesificaly related to a system warning lgo in the event viewer

the tool you downloaded to fix is calssified by some virus scaners (the online panda one is one) as a hacking tool. the tool does hack, but it is not spyware, adware, trojan or virus. recommend backup before you use.

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by reefurbb In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

1. Dialup or Hispeed? Have them put the mouse arrow on the Dialup monitor icons to check connection speed, i.e. about 46,000 or 32,400?
The point being that the modem drivers may have kicked back to a slower "max connection" in Modem Properties.
If the speed (bauds per second)is up there, then they must be talking about page display speed, which may have been slowed by some security checking application, such as MS Antispyware, and they may have to live with it or go back to being invaded or vulnerable to invasion by spyware-malware.
If Hispeed connection, same deal about the Antispyware deal, or the DSL modem drivers may have changed. You can look at XP's "rollback" to revert to previous drivers.
2. Without more specific crtical update numbers, which you've looked at, can't say much else. Where there any driver updates that messed into the batch? At this point, you can submit a list of the critical updates for better answers.

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by jerry In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

I don't have an answer but I use Firefox and have noticed the same problem since about the same time. Since we've moved outside the city now, we have had to go back to dialup connection. When Firefox starts for the first time it's hit and miss (about once out of two or three tries). The application loads, but it won't find the home page and one doesn't get any " can't find"warnings. Watching the taskbar, one even sees network/internet activity as if something is loading. The clue to problems is that the red "X" "stop loading" icon in the Firefox toolbar doesn't appear and now URL shows up in the address block.

I'm not sure what causes this problem nor exactly when it started, but it sounds frightenly similar to what you describe. I also tried IE and it seemed to have similar problems.

If you get a fix, please let me know. Otherwise I'll reload Firefox this weekend.

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by skip.moyer In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

Strange, but I have noticed the same problem. Like a previous responder, I too run Firefox, but also have IE on my desktop. I haven't found a solution, so let me know if you get one.

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by bluemoonsailor In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

Try turning off the CONTENT ADVISOR. This is a new "feature" in IE that caused us no end of superslow speed problems with our SAP portal.

Steve G.

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by jerry In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

Additional info on this problem. Like Skip, we are using FireFox. I reinstalled firefox this morning. At first glance it seemed that this fixed the problem, however, on a restart, Firefox wanted to upgrade from 1.05 to 1.07 for unspecified security update. After installing the security update, the problem reappeared.

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by jerry In reply to

Problem went away by updating to

Jerry A

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by Thermal In reply to Internet connectivity slo ...

Thanks for all the advice.Looks like problem was on our ISP end. I had users running Mac with the same problem so it wasn't just specific to Windows updates. Good information on FireFox though, i'll need to keep that in mind.

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