Internet down spikes: Vista or Router issue?

By jeffreysilva ·
I have a small home network, i have 2 desktop pcs (wired) and 1 wireless laptop.

I noticed that once in awhile i get these down lag spikes where my transfer rates drop to 0 for a couple secs or so and then come back up.

I used to have 2 NIC, my cable modem connected to my main machine and the 2nd card shared that connection with the router that would feed the other 2 pc's.

Recently i changed it, so the cable modem connects directly to the router and the others all feed from there. This allows for me to use the wireless laptop without having to turn on my desktop (kinda pointless).

But ever since i've noticed irregularity on my network traffic.

Besides the network spikes all connection where very limited, i followed the standard troubleshooting like upgrading the firmware on the router and disconnecting the firewalls/antivirus to see if that was the cause. But the lag spikes still remain. Overall connection rates went up once i upgrade firmware on router but that's about it.

my router is a D-Link DHL-4300 and currently have the 1.9 firmware. I have DHCP on and firewall on the router.

My guess is probably the router but then again i'm not sure. My 2 desktops run Vista Ultimate and my laptop home premium.

Any suggestions?

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Clone the modem

by tintoman In reply to Internet down spikes: Vis ...

If you consult the documentation for your router you will be able to view the settings page via Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever browser you have, there should then be a button to "Clone" the mac address of the cable modem, this should help your problem

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