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By Cstrange ·
I am having an issue with IE. Our company website was changed a few weeks ago but the changes are not reflected on our LAN from any PC within our organization. If the web page is checked from outside the network it is correct but not from inside the network. Can someone shed any light on this?

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by ashij In reply to Internet Explorer

Do you know if it would be anything to do with the cache on IE? have you tried using a different browser?
Try clearing the cache on IE, ie.e History, Cookies, Remembered Pages, etc. (Tools-> Internet Options)


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Proxy cache

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to cache

If some of the contents of the website has changed, and the change has not been reflected inside your LAN, then most probably your proxy still have the old pages in the cache.
Try to delete the proxy cache.
Or Just press Ctrl+F5, this will force your browser to bypass all the cache (IE & Proxy cache) and get the page from the website directly then update the cache in both of them.

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How did it change?

by jonahzona In reply to Internet Explorer

Are you speaking simply of a content change or did the entire website make a foundational change? (such as switching to a new host or new IP address).

I ask because a couple years ago this happened to me when changing host servers. No matter what change I made it wouldn't appear on the site, until I found out that our DNS was storing a cache of domain ip addresses. once the DNS cache was released, everything worked great.

You could try going to the direct IP address instead of the domain. See if that gives you a different result.

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by mamies In reply to Internet Explorer

This sounds like a problem in the DNS. To me it sounds like the website DNS is still pointing to the location for where the old site is still hosted.


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by oldbaritone In reply to Internet Explorer

I agree, it sounds like DNS.

Did someone put an entry in the HOSTS file to make DNS return the local server instead of the external address? I do that all the time to reduce the amount of unnecessary internet traffic. Just a single line www.hostname.com 10.x.x.x in the HOSTS file did it, but if the server changes that line must be deleted.

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