Internet Explorer 10 64 bit standalone download

By lori@... ·
I need to down grade and install Internet explorer 10 64bit on two computers.
One has Windows 7 and the other is Windows 10. I know I can install IE 10 on the Win 7 computer. But I only found IE10 32 bit. MS removed the other files last year.
If I had the IE10 64bit standalone install. I could do a test to see if I can down grade Windows 10 from IE 11 to IE 10.
I know that older version of IE can be installed on Win 8, had customer do that with old Juno program that put something like IE 8 on the system over writing IE11.


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Not a supported configuration

by Ed Bott Tech expert In reply to Internet Explorer 10 64 b ...

Versions of Internet Explorer before 11 are no longer supported at all except on platforms where there is no upgrade option to 11.

Details in this article:

There is no way to Install Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 10. Can't be done, period.

Likewise, on Windows 7, if you were to find a way to install IE 10 you would discover that it does not receive security updates. That would be a very bad support situation to put yourself in. That's why Microsoft does not allow it. And, independently, I strongly recommend against it.

Windows 8 was released with Internet Explorer 10 and the only way to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 is by upgrading to Windows 8.1. Windows 8 is no longer supported.

What you should be looking at is Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode, which allows you to configure IE 11 so that it mimics earlier versions on sites where that behavior is required. Details here:

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by techodin In reply to Internet Explorer 10 64 b ...

Why is anyone still using IE? Go to Firefox or Chrome.

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IE 10

by toctob In reply to Internet Explorer 10 64 b ...

I understand why you might want IE10, worked in a hospital that based on software or hardware had to have various versions of IE running from 6 thru 10 and other browsers would not work.

Sending a link, read down in the link a bit, one of the commenters noted that the updates included an install.

Here's the link:

And one more link where I saw downloads for several IE Versions:

I looked at a couple of the links and they do take you to the download sites, not like some links that take you to IE 11.

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Try compatibility mode in IE 11

by Oldpro21 In reply to Internet Explorer 10 64 b ...

I have a very old phone system that uses a web interface. When I upgraded to IE 11, I could no longer access the phone system's page. I had to enable "Compatibility Mode". This setting is on a per site basis. You have to set this for each site you having trouble with. To enable it:

While in IE 11, navigate to the site you're trying top access.
Once there, type "ALT T B" to open compatibility mode.
Click "add" to add the site you're currently at to the list.
Click close. You may have to close and reopen IE 11.

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