Internet Explorer 10 availability

By Stober ·
When will IE10 be released? Can IE10 be used on Windows 7 without installing Windows 8?

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RE:- Can IE10 be used on Windows 7 without installing Windows 8

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Internet Explorer 10 avai ...

As Windows 7 comes standard with IE8 I'm not really sure how it can not be installed with Windows 7.

After W7 was released IE9 which can only be used on Vista or 7 was released and most Windows Systems that Ran Vista or 7 where upgraded through the Routine Updates supplied on Patch Tuesday so I'm unsure how IE8 was never installed on 7.

Asd for the release date of IE10 that's up to Microsoft who have mor eon their plate at the moment developing Windows 8 into a working system that will be Released to Manufacturing latter this year. At that time I would expect IE10 for 7 to become available.

However as 8 is a much bigger change to 7 that 7 was to Vista we could very well see that ???Expected??? Release Date pushed back till early next year just like Vista was pushed back till after the Christmas Shopping Season and then released tot he Public in a less than ready Redesigned OS to replace XP.


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