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    Internet Explorer


    by moses16 ·

    When I try to save a document or form from our Intranet in MS Word thru Internet Explorer it locks up on me. Before I even click on the save button it has already locked up. When I click out side the browser the save box goes away and i’m still not able to save it. Does anyone know why this is happening.

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      by jaggernaught ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer

      Hmmm…i see, why dont you use firefox instead of your virus ridden IE? go to Firefox and download the latest browser…this will make millions of people proud because the opensource community will eventually make windows fall..hard…cheers! 😉

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        He’s asking for help with IE; not for an alternative.

        by deepsand ·

        In reply to Solution…

        Why is it that so many of you FF lovers feel it necessary to proselytize, rather than offering pertinent aid.

        If you don’t have a useful word re. the problem at hand, then at least have the courtesy to remain silent.

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          Please don’t generalize like that.

          by apotheon ·

          In reply to He’s asking for help with IE; not for an alternative.

          I agree with you, that in this case the proselytizer is out of line (unless that was meant as a half-joking suggestion, which I don’t think was the case here). Often, however, I’ve seen people make suggestions about swapping browsers where it was a warranted and appropriate suggestion, and people just jump to the conclusion that it’s gratuitous proselytizing rather than the sort of helpful advice it actually is in that case.

          Maybe you should just tell this guy he’s out of line, rather than trying to use him as an excuse to attack some vast mythic conspiracy of Firefox cultists.

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          I thought it quite specific.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Please don’t generalize like that.

          1) I did [b]not[/b] label [b]all[/b] FF users as proselytizers, only some. I use FF, but I don’t offer it up as a cure all like some here do (And, no, that was not an implied disparagement of you).

          2) Given the meager information given re. the problem at hand, there was here absolutely [b]no reason[/b] to suggest that switching browsers was a viable solution.

          I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen this time and time again, where, in the absence of any facts to support such, someone has jumped in, asked no questions, and made the assertion that FF was the answer.

          Sorry if you felt tarred by my brush; that was never my intent.

          In the future, do try to remember that I hold no allegiance to [b]any[/b] particular platform, be it hardware or software.

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          by apotheon ·

          In reply to I thought it quite specific.

          That’s fair. Your intent was unclear, but that seems to have been solved.

          I’ve seen the same things happen elsewise, too: I’ve seen people suggest similarly for Opera, and I’ve seen people recommend moving to MacOS and using Safari just because of a problem with IE on Windows. I’ve also seen people jump into discussions of Firefox to say “See? Firefox isn’t perfect! You should use IE, it does more!”

          It happens on all sides. IE tends to get less proselytizers, though, and more rabid defenders, because it’s the browser that is losing market share like water through a sieve.

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          Too many seem to think that they’ve the one and only Swiss knife.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to clarity

          As for IE “defenders” being more “defensive” owing to market share, I don’t think that such is relevant.

          I see the reason as being simply that it is illogical to discard that which serves its purpose merely because 1) an alternative is available, and 2) the alternative is oft times recommended on less than rational grounds. In short, proselytizers generally expect that their particular “truth” should be self evident, where others expect proof.

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      Might Be

      by mukherjee.santanu ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer

      If I understood the issue correctly the only remedy for this is to uninstall the Internet explorer(IE) from the Start->Control Pannel->Add Remove Program->Add Remove Windows Component… For this you need the OS Cd with you… First uninstall the Windows Application and then restart and reinstall the IE application once again… I think that this will solve ur’s problem.

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        by moses16 ·

        In reply to Might Be

        Thanks mukherjee,

        That was one of my problems. I could not find where to uninstall IE 6. Thats what I was originally trying to do. but when I could not find it I went ahead and installed 7.0 and the problem went away. Since the company had not release 7.0 for install, that was the last thing that i wanted to do. Some user do use FF but it does not work with most of our in house apps.

        Thanks for the help

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      More info needed.

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer

      1) What OS are you running?

      2) What application is being used to open the document(s) in question? Word? Word Viewer? Other?

      3) Have you been able to accomplish this task okay in the past?

      4) If so, what changed since then? For example, what updates were installed subsequent to the last time you were able to effect a save?

      5) Is this problem isolated to one or a few machines, or does it occur on all?

      6) Have you search MS’s Knowledge Base re. this or a similar problem?

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      How much RAM do you have?

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to Internet Explorer

      How much free RAM is available after all app.’s are loaded?

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        Don’t think he/she is paying attention.

        by deepsand ·

        In reply to How much RAM do you have?

        Yet another case of asking for help, and then turning a deaf ear, particulary when asked for more detail re. the problem.

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          maybe it was because

          by koke ·

          In reply to Don’t think he/she is paying attention.

          Perhaps it was because the first six replies had nothing to do with an answer, but some argument about what browser to use. Those kinds of suggestions may be ok for home users, but it is a waste of time trying to suggest changing a browser in a corporate environment.

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