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By nishals ·
Hi I got this user.
when she opens ie her homepage opens fine but if she tries to open google or any other site it does nothing at the bottom left of her screen the blue E just flickers and does nothing, she's using IE 6,0 with SP1 windows 98 and she goes through a proxy server , all her settings are correct , for the life of me I have no idea what;s happening can someone please help me

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Could be a hijacking spyware -

by SkipperUSN In reply to internet Explorer

She could have a Hijacking spyware or About:blank or something else like a MAL going on -

Run one of the Spyware - with MAL support - Spy Sweeper is the best I found - if you want to subscribe to the services it like $29.00 for a year - you got 14 test evaluation time ... SpySweeper from -

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same Issue

by husp1 In reply to internet Explorer

friend of mine had same issue, as per the previous comment it turnd out to be a hijack on the browser. spy-bot, spy-sweeper, and the new ad-aware se, all seem to be a good solution for this. try lavasoft or webroot sites for downloads.

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by TeenTown In reply to internet Explorer

I had the same thing. Went from being able to use IE ok, to it suddenly doing what you described. I too used a adware/spyware remover, which solved the problem.

I'd recommend doing a free scan, see IF you are infected with Spyware, first (http://noadware.**

If you are, remove it and see if that fixes the problem.

My spyware problems started when I installed P2P file sharing software!! (in this case, Kazaa)

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sorted out

by nishals In reply to internet Explorer

Anyway the user had HOTBAR installed on her pc , so i just uninstalled it and everything worked out fine after that so thats the story

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